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What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Cooking/Restaurant Business in Kenya? Leave a comment

Starting a restaurant demands not only culinary creativity but also the right tools to bring your culinary vision to life.

Capex Commercial Kitchen offers a range of high-quality cooking equipment that is indispensable for any restaurant kitchen.

Let’s explore the functionality of each essential equipment and understand why these tools are indispensable for anyone launching a restaurant business.

1. Gas Table Top Fryer

The gas table top fryer is a culinary workhorse designed to quickly and efficiently fry a variety of foods. It features a deep fryer pot filled with oil and a heating element powered by gas. The temperature of the oil is carefully controlled, ensuring that foods are cooked to perfection with a crispy exterior. The fryer is equipped with baskets for easy immersion and retrieval of food items.

The gas table top fryer is a must-have for restaurants due to its speed, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you’re preparing golden fries, crispy chicken, or delicate tempura, this fryer allows for precise temperature control, resulting in consistently delicious fried offerings. Its compact design makes it suitable for kitchens with limited space, while its performance ensures that your fried dishes are a highlight on the menu, attracting and satisfying customers.

2. Electric Table Top Fryer

Similar to its gas counterpart, the electric table top fryer is designed for frying various foods, but it operates on electricity instead. It consists of a fryer pot filled with oil and an electric heating element that maintains the desired cooking temperature.

The electric table top fryer is an essential tool for restaurants seeking efficiency and consistency in their frying operations. The electric setup is advantageous for kitchens where gas connections might be limited or where an electric configuration is more convenient. This fryer provides the same precision and reliability as its gas counterpart, ensuring that your fried dishes meet high-quality standards consistently.

3. Table Top Griddle

A table top griddle is a flat cooking surface, usually made of steel or chrome, heated by gas or electricity. It offers a spacious and even cooking area, making it perfect for preparing a variety of dishes such as pancakes, burgers, and stir-fries.

The table top griddle is a versatile workhorse in the kitchen, offering a large, flat surface for cooking multiple items simultaneously. Its quick heating capability ensures efficient cooking, while its flat design allows for easy flipping and turning of food. This makes it an essential tool for restaurants looking to diversify their menu with breakfast items, burgers, or other griddle-cooked delights.

4. Gas/Electric Table Top Griddle

This combination griddle offers the flexibility of both gas and electric heating options, allowing chefs to choose the power source that best suits their kitchen setup. It functions similarly to a standard table top griddle.

The dual-power option of the gas/electric table top griddle is advantageous for restaurants with varying power needs. Whether you have a preference for gas-powered appliances or require an electric setup, this griddle ensures that you have the flexibility to adapt to your kitchen’s specifications while maintaining the efficiency and versatility needed for diverse menu offerings.

5. 4 Burner Gas Range with Oven

The 4 burner gas range with oven combines a stovetop with four burners and a lower oven compartment. The burners provide a cooking surface for pots and pans, while the oven is suitable for baking and roasting.

This comprehensive cooking unit is a cornerstone of restaurant kitchens, offering both stovetop and oven capabilities. With four burners, chefs can multitask and prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. The oven expands the menu possibilities, allowing for the creation of baked goods, casseroles, and roasted dishes, making it an indispensable piece for any restaurant aspiring to serve a diverse range of cuisines.

6. Gas Lava Rock Grill

The gas lava rock grill features a cooking surface with lava rocks that are heated by gas flames. The lava rocks absorb and distribute heat, providing a consistent and high-temperature cooking environment.

Ideal for achieving the distinct flavor and sear marks associated with grilling, the gas lava rock grill is a must-have for restaurants specializing in grilled dishes. The lava rocks contribute to an even cooking surface and help retain and radiate heat, enhancing the flavor and texture of grilled meats and vegetables.

7. Boiling Pan Gas/Electric

The boiling pan, available in both gas and electric models, is a large, shallow pan with a lid. It’s designed for boiling, simmering, and cooking large quantities of liquids or food items.

A boiling pan is a versatile tool in any restaurant kitchen, facilitating the preparation of soups, stews, stocks, and large batches of pasta. Its generous size and efficient heating make it indispensable for restaurants aiming to provide hearty and flavorful dishes to their patrons.

Capex Commercial Kitchen exceeds expectations by delivering premium cooking equipment, extending its reach to both restaurant kitchens and culinary businesses across Nairobi and the entire country.

Whether you’re establishing a small/large cooking business or a specialized culinary venture, you can get a customized quote for the cooking equipment you need. Secure access to top-tier tools for your commercial kitchen and elevate your restaurant or culinary business with the excellence of high-performance equipment and personalized service.

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